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Depression, Pain and Chronic Fatigue: A Holistic Understanding

Two people have lower back pain; one person gets better by seeing physiotherapist while the other gets better by seeing a psychiatrist. How does this work? If this question stirs curiosity in you, then this talk will be your rabbit hole. This is Ryan Clements’ perspective of how the human; physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects interact, with relation to depression, pain, and chronic fatigue. Ryan Clements, 23, has been involved in the health industry for the last 5 years, entailing a degree in Neuromuscular therapy, diploma in massage, one year of counseling study and certificates in Chinese diagnostic theory and exercise program design. This combined with influences from Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism and Christianity, produce a uniquely holistic perspective how people function, why we suffer and get sick, and how we heal. This talk goes in 3 parts – Depression, Pain, Chronic Fatigue. With a Q & A at the end for those who want a deeper look into the mind of a millennial. This talk comes recommended to people in the health industry and to those who have chronic illness and are wanting help but don’t know where to go.

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