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Deep South Caesar and G+Force

Nelson hometowners Aimee Smith and Isaac Thomas are on tour with The Bad Boy of Wellington Improv George Fenn. Together, they are bringing back their acclaimed Fringe shows to the Ghost Light Theatre for two nights only.

Deep South Caesar: Deep South Caesar pokes some light fun at the stereotype of classical kiwi masculinity - and a little bit at 'toxic masculinity' in general. Settle in for a good old yarn, as our questionable hero Greg tells you some tall tales about how hard life is as your average kiwi bloke. After all, Greg’s put in the hard yakka, so why isn’t life working out exactly the way he wants it? Over the course of fifty minutes, join Greg and his hired musician Isaac as they attempt to perform for you a tale of Oedipal proportions. Be enthralled by Greg's rise from humble deep south small town beginnings to becoming the Caesar of his own property empire. Be amazed as he woos the woman of his dreams and becomes a perfect paterfamilias in his prime. Be utterly un-astounded as Greg’s empire comes crumbling down. Don’t you hate dramatic irony and those horrible hamartias? 
G+Force :An interactive comedy in which prolific experimental comic George Fenn (NZ Spirit of the Fringe) thinly veils talking about himself by colliding of The Arts and The Sciences. 
Irreverent and a little bit sexy, G+Force is a show about the methods we use to view to world around us and how to take a break from the search for meaning. "Fenn made me laugh so much my breath fell out of my face. I’m not even sure that actually makes sense, but it is the best articulation I have." Laura Fergusen, Art Murmurs. "The experience seems to be having a liberating effect on the audience, and people are throwing themselves into G+Force's shenanigans with abandon." Barney Olsen, Theatreview.

Earlier Event: September 18
Deep South Caesar and G+Force